2022 NOAA NWFSC Openscapes Champions Cohort (Fall)

Welcome to the 2022 NOAA NWFSC Fall Openscapes Champions Cohort! This is a Cohort for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center. It is one of four NOAA Fisheries Cohorts running concurrently in Fall 2022 with research teams from Southeast, Southwest, Pacific Islands, Northwest, and Alaska Science Centers along with the West Coast Regional Office and Office of Science and Technology. These build from six prior NOAA Fisheries Cohorts. Learn more about Openscapes and NOAA Fisheries: https://openscapes.org, https://nmfs-openscapes.github.io

Cohort Agendas

We will meet as a Cohort via Zoom five times over two months for 1.5 hours on five Fridays starting October 7, 2022:

Agendas are accessible to Cohort participants in our Cohort Google Drive Folder; they are also an archive of our live google-docing. Please see https://openscapes.org/series to view blank versions of the agendas.

Date Cohort Call Topics Series Chapters Seaside Chat Topics
10/07 1. Openscapes mindset mindset, better science in less time Pathway trailhead; create GitHub accounts
10/21 2. GitHub Clinic: publishing and project management
publishing, project management Shared organizing with GitHub
11/04 3. Team culture and data strategies for future us team culture, data strategies Onboarding documentation
11/18 4. Open communities and coding strategies for future us coding with communities, coding strategies Pathways preparation
12/02 5. Pathways share    

Cohort Call Digests are posted as issues in this repo.

Coworking times (optional)

Within-cohort coworking with Julie, Stefanie and Eli - Wednesdays 12:00 -1:00 PT every second week: Oct 12, 26, Nov 9, 23

Cross-cohort themed coworking with Julie, Stefanie and guests - Tuesdays 1:00 - 2:30 PT every second week: Oct 11, 25, Nov 8

Participating teams

Upcoming: These are the teams participating: please add any edits directly (we’ll learn how in our GitHub Call!) Take some inspiration from here: https://github.com/Openscapes/2021-noaa-nmfs/blob/main/README.md


Openscapes team

Julie Lowndes (@jules32), Openscapes

Stefanie Butland (@stefaniebutland), Openscapes

Eli Holmes (@eeholmes), NOAA NWFSC

More about Openscapes and the Champions program: