Spring 2020 NEFSC

NEFSC Spr 2020 planning team: Scott Large (NEFSC)

Dr. Scott Large, the Ecosystems Dynamics & Assessment Branch Chief at NOAA’s NEFSC, organized the first NOAA Fisheries Openscapes cohort as a 2-day mini version of the Champions Program. Six teams from NEFSC and UMass Dartmouth participated in-person at this workshop in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Teams left motivated to focus on creating more deliberate, collaborative, open workflows within their team, and second, that they saw other teams as future colleagues, collaborators, and allies for fisheries open data science!

The Fay Lab Manual was a project of one of the teams in this first Openscapes cohort. It is widely used now as an example of a ‘Code of Conduct’ and on-boarding document for a team.

from the Openscapes blog post

Participant quotes

“Having a full two days with space to talk about how we work was invaluable. I was so pleased with how energized and engaged my team was throughout. I loved the opportunity to talk, work and learn cross-teams.” - Post-workshop survey

“Openscapes had a powerful motivating impact on some of the practices of open science I already knew about but felt behind the curve on tackling. Finding fellow coworkers who are equally motivated and already implementing these practices gave me a support team to work with moving forward.” - Post-workshop survey

“I think the greatest value of the workshop was the time set aside to discuss our path forward as a team. We were able to discuss directly and extensively about how we can bring this open energy to enhance our workflow. We will definitely be trying the seaside chats.” - Post-workshop survey

Twitter post on the cohort